Abacha + Nkwobi + Ukwa



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Abacha with Smoked Fish

Igbo delicacy made with Savory Cassava Flakes tossed in Palm Oil dressing with a blend of Spices and Crayfish and served together with Slow Smoked Markerel and Fermented Oil Bean Seeds.


Igbo delicacy made with cow skin, palm oil, spices, crayfish, stockfish, chilies and oil bean seeds, Absolutely delicious and also the best source of collagen for beautiful skin.


(African Breadfruit) belongs to the moraceae family. A traditional Igbo delicacy made with palm oil, stockfish flakes, spices, crayfish, chilies and corn. Ukwa scientifically known as “Treculia Africana” is reputable for its high nutritional value and health benefits.

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