About Us

1luvFoods is designed with the family in mind. An inspiration born out of complete devotion of time and love to creating memorable meal time experience around the family dinner table.

The zeal to maintain this memorable family meal time experience have been the driver to my culinary growth. For every single dish that does not satisfy any of my family’s palate, I feel challenged to find ways to make it more palatable. This singular quest truly deepened my passion for cooking and expanded my creativity.

1Luv is the code word my husband and I have used since our university days; 1Luv around the dinner table is now keeping our family as well as many families together. 1LuvFoods’ logo is a silhouette of my family gathered around the table with love.

The generational culinary wisdom gained from many year spent with my mother in the kitchen has proven most invaluable. If you are looking for West African dishes, classic or infused with a touch of other cultures, you have come to the right place. Our meals and spices are African Inspired with American, Caribbean, Asian and Italian influences, gathered from my experiences travelling the world. We profess ‘1LuvFood’ because we believe bonding over a great meal has the power to unite; to unite individuals; to unite families; to unite friends, and verily, the surest tool to unite the world’s cultural divides. We totally believe in the power of culinary diplomacy.

Having lived outside my country of origin, I could relate with all who miss the tastes of their original cuisine. This prompted us to source for and obtain authentic and indigenous ingredients that offer convenience to cooking West African dishes. Our spices are created to encourage home cooking and to achieve flavorful meal at all times. All our products are made with natural ingredients which are organically sourced and are non-genetically modified.

Our Mission:

  • To encourage healthy and delicious every day home cooking by offering premium handcrafted gourmet spices.
  • To introduce to the world ethically and organically sourced well packaged West African food ingredients that offer convenience to home cooking.
  • To support local farmers in West Africa and community farming worldwide.

Our Vision:

  • To showcase the Endless Potentials of the West African Cuisine.
  • To utilize our West African Cuisine as a tool for Culinary Diplomacy across cultures.


1602 Village Market Blvd, Leesburg, VA 20175, United States